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AR RIFLE CLASS – San Antonio, October 11, 2014 (Ben Branam)

Saturday October 11, 2014
9am to 5pm
Cedar Ridge Range
7110 Farm to Market 1863, Bulverde, TX 78163
(830) 980-4424

AR rifles are now the most popular rifle in America. They are a great rifle system and have proven themselves over time in combat and every where else. The rifles are easy and fun to shoot. But they have their own personality that you need to understand to use them effectively.

This class is all about learning that personality and how to work with the rifle. We’ll start with the basics of marksmanship as applied to an AR. It’s different then a hunting rifle. Then we’ll learn to zero the rifle and what that zero is good for. After that you’ll learn proper care and maintenance. Then you’ll really have fun when you learn how to shoot from different positions, behind barricades, multiple shots, and how to fight with an AR.

This is a one day course in the San Antonio area for those who are new to the AR platform. If you’re not sure how to zero your rifle, this course if for you! After you finish this course you’ll be confident about using your rifle for self defense and be able to make hits on targets on demand all while learning to live with your rifle.

What you’ll need:

An AR style rifle, any make and caliber.
300 rounds of the same ammo (don’t mix companies or bullet weights and styles)
A rifle sling
4 or More Magazines