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BCC Advanced – SAT Nov. 21-22, 2015

Bob Mayne
Ben Branam
Chaz Murray
Tracy Thronburg

This is level 2 of our Beyond Concealed Carry course. We will start the 1st day with one of the most important skills, the draw and stress relief. We get you used to taking a fast paced class. Marksmanship will be emphasized and “step and shoot” drills will be done. We will also work on one handed drawing and drawing a flashlight. Then we will move into malfunction drills and weapon manipulation, one handed and two handed. By the end of the first day, we will be shooting multiple targets on the move as well as how to properly engage multiple targets.

The 2nd day we will work on more advanced skills including one handed shooting and fighting at very close distances. Shooting from different positions such as kneeling, prone, fighting your way up from being on your back, etc. Then there will more on moving and shooting, after action assessments, malfunction clearing, barricade shooting and shooting steel. We will also include practice shooting multiple types of guns!

This will be a 600+ round course.
Sign up below:

BCC2 SA Nov. 2015


-Must have a Texas CHL, CCW license or background check done to attend this class. After sign up we will ask you for a copy of your license (bring it to class) or sign a background consent form ($10 charge.)
-Not for beginners, must have taken BCC level 1 or another training class, copy of certificate needed.
-Please read the requirements below:

November 21-22, 2015
San Antonio, TX

A Place To Shoot
13250 Pleasanton Road
San Antonio
TX 78221
(210) 628-1888

TIMES: Please note:
Saturday Nov. 21, 2015, 9am – 5pm
Sunday, Nov.22, 2015, 12noon – 7pm


Bring a quality handgun, holster, belt and magazine pouches and at least 3 magazines for your pistol. Revolvers and .22 caliber pistols are welcome.

Bob Mayne and Ben Branam are both NRA Pistol Instructors. Ben has several years of Marine Combat experience and several years of carrying a gun as an armored car driver. Bob has over 8 years of civilian firearms training and competition experience, completing 9 different firearms courses, from Suarez International, Massad Ayoob Group and more. He’s also been the host of the “HandgunWorld Podcast” for over 5 years. Bob is also a Texas CHL Instructor.

Chaz Murray is the host of the “RoadGunner Podcast” and a staff instructor for the Massad Ayoob Group.
Tracy Thronburg is a native Texan, MAG instructor, assistant instructor at KR Training, Rangemaster certified instructor, Texas CHL instructor, shoot IDPA and USPSA, and am a member of A Girl and A Gun women’s shooting league amongst other things.

Click here to read student reviews! http://www.handgunworld.com/beyond-concealed-carry-course/

Another student review: http://flylowlevel.blogspot.com/2013/03/beyond-concealed-carry.html

Register Below:

If paying by check, please email Bob@handgunworld.com for mailing address and instructions. ”

Come train with us!


What you’ll need:

-A serviceable handgun in caliber .380, or larger. 9mm or larger, is actually recommended.
-A Proper belt worn holster for your specific make/model of pistol, Those manufactured by Concealment Solutions, Comp-Tac, Bladetech, White Dog Holsters and Dale Fricke are highly recommended. NO BLACKHAWK SERPA holsters. You’ll also need a belt worn carrier for your spare magazine or speedloader.
-Long pants or shorts with belt loops. (Jeans, or 511-type BDU’s are acceptable.)
-A sturdy belt (leather or a nylon pistol belt) which can hold the weight of your holstered pistol and spare magazine. Flimsy, woven or fabric dress belts will not work.
-Sturdy footwear – hiking boots, etc… No open toed footwear will be allowed.
-We recommend as much bare skin as possible be covered up, so long sleeves are recommended, but not required.
-A cover garment like a light shirt, vest or jacket. We draw from concealment in this class.
-Eye and ear protection, as well as a BASEBALL CAP or HAT WITH A BRIM.
-600+ rounds of FACTORY ammunition. Freedom Munitions ammo is OK, but no home reloads allowed. We suggest you take all the small boxes of ammunition, open them, and dump the ammo loose into one big box. This saves time and keeps the trash down on the range.
-At least 3 spare magazines, or 3 speedloaders if you’re using a revolver.
-Back-up guns are recommended, but not required.

-Whatever medications, liquids, food stuffs, band aids, sun screen, etc., you’ll need for the day.
-Note taking material. Pen, paper…

-You will also need a box, gun case or container of some sort to transport your gun(s) from the car to the firing line. If you carry your gun on your person, no problem, leave it holstered. We do all gun handling on the firing line, NOT in the parking lot. You’ll have opportunity to swap out carry ammunition. What we don’t want are ANY guns to be out of containers or holsters anywhere behind the firing line!

We look forward to training with you and also having a lot of fun!



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