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Home “BEYOND CONCEALED CARRY” – SEATTLE (Sequim) with guest Glen Tate (August 2014) SOLD OUT, Wait Listed

“BEYOND CONCEALED CARRY” – SEATTLE (Sequim) with guest Glen Tate (August 2014) SOLD OUT, Wait Listed

August 9th, 2014 (Saturday)
8am – 5pm

Fort Discovery
3501 Old Gardiner Road
Sequim, WA 98382

This class is SOLD OUT, but we have established a waiting list. Sometimes there are cancellations, so if you want to be on the waiting list, email me: bob@handgunworld.com

NOTE: This range is about 2 1/2 hours NW of Downtown Seattle. It’s a very well equipped range, used to train law enforcement. It also features sleeping quarters for up to 13 people (included in investment as long as space is available.) Please email me if you need a place to stay at the range (bob@handgunworld.com) There are excellent hotels in the area near Port Townsend and Sequim.

Instructors:  Bob Mayne and Ben Branam

Investment: $200 per person

This course features a guest appearance by Glen Tate, author of the best selling book series “299 Days.”

This fee includes bunkhouse accomodations at the range for the first 13 people that sign up!

Course description:

This is a 8 hour course designed for the Concealed Carrier or someone slightly more advanced than a beginner but had never had any formal training outside of the CCW course.  We start with the basics of handgun safety and marksmanship and quickly progress to some basic dynamic movement and defensive scenarios, like shooting from cover, moving and shooting, advancing and retreating, defending hallways, one handed shooting, shooting around barricades, proper use of cover, shooting steel on the move, the art of making hits quickly out of the holster and more. You will shoot a minimum of 300 rounds of ammunition. Bring a quality handgun, holster, belt and magazine pouches and at least 3 magazines for your pistol. Revolvers and .22 caliber pistols are welcome.  Bob and Ben are both NRA Pistol Instructors and have been teaching firearms for several years.

Bob has been the host of the “HandgunWorld Podcast” for the past 4 years and has over 120 hours of training under his belt.

Ben has several years of Marine Combat experience and several years of carrying a gun as an armored car driver.

TO REGISTER, just click one the link below

# of People

Come train with us!


What you’ll need:

-A serviceable handgun in caliber .380, or larger. 9mm or larger, is actually recommended.
-A Proper belt worn holster for your specific make/model of pistol, Those manufactured by Concealment Solutions, Comp-Tac, Bladetech, White Dog Holsters and Dale Fricke are highly recommended. NO BLACKHAWK SERPA holsters. You’ll also need a belt worn carrier for your spare magazine or speedloader.
-Long pants or shorts with belt loops. (Jeans, or 511-type BDU’s are acceptable.)
-A sturdy belt (leather or a nylon pistol belt) which can hold the weight of your holstered pistol and spare magazine. Flimsy, woven or fabric dress belts will not work.
-Sturdy footwear – hiking boots, etc… No open toed footwear will be allowed.
-We recommend as much bare skin as possible be covered up, so long sleeves are recommended, but not required.
-A cover garment like a light shirt, vest or jacket. We draw from concealment in this class.
-Eye and ear protection, as well as a BASEBALL CAP or HAT WITH A BRIM.
-300 rounds of FACTORY ammunition. We do not allow home reloads in our courses. Freedom Munitions ammo is OK. We suggest you take all the small boxes of ammunition, open them, and dump the ammo loose into one big box. This saves time and keeps the trash down on the range.
-At least 3 spare magazines, or 3 speedloaders if you’re using a revolver.
-Back-up guns are recommended, but not required.

-Whatever medications, liquids, food stuffs, band aids, sun screen, etc., you’ll need for the day.
-Note taking material. Pen, paper…

-You will also need a box, gun case or container of some sort to transport your gun(s) from the car to the firing line. If you carry your gun on your person, no problem, leave it holstered. We do all gun handling on the firing line, NOT in the parking lot. You’ll have opportunity to swap out carry ammunition. What we don’t want are ANY guns to be out of containers or holsters anywhere behind the firing line!

We look forward to training with you and also having a lot of fun!

Sign Up

No refunds within 2 weeks of the class date. Prior to that, a $50 cancellation fee will apply. Full refunds are only processed if you cancel with at least 30 days noticed (less transaction fees.)
Extenuating circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis.

# of People


Bob, Sorry this is a little late but, I just wanted to provide some well deserved feedback on the Beyond Concealed Carry course that you and Ben put on in San Antonio the 16th of March. First, I must admit that I have had my TX CHL for several years now, and have been through the renewal process already. I have followed CCW issues both practical and political / legal on the forums on and off during that time as well. What has become very clear in all that time is my lack of tactical preparation and skills that should be incorporated with the CHL I hold. It’s not enough to just get your CHL, strap a gun to your hip, go to the range to shoot targets once in a while and think you are ready, God forbid to defend yourself or a loved one. This is where your BCC course has the greatest impact. It was a eye opener for me. The content provided was invaluable. I came away more prepared than I ever was, and more importantly I have a much better awareness of what skills I need to work on / achieve that I may require to some day save my life. I would strongly encourage any CHL holder to participate in  BCC or a similar program. Again Great Job to both you and Ben. I look forward to taking the advanced class later this year. PS – I would like to get your feelings / input on SIRT trainers. I have become a big fan of dry fire drills, and figure with the added feedback that SIRT training provides and with the cost of ammo these days it’s a pretty good addition to my training. Rob P


Took the beyond carry class this weekend in San Antonio. It was excellent! They made the learning fun while still being professional and serious. Really great day! It gave me a baseline of sorts on my various skills. Some things it confirmed and other things it revealed that I need to work on. Ben and Bob are excellent. They are patient and have no problems answering all the questions without making you feel stupid you asked. You get to do things you never can on a typical shooting range. Neat scenarios. The guys were so good about actually watching you go thru the drills and providing very good feedback on how to best fine-tune your technique. I highly recommend this course. 


Bob and Ben you guys are awesome! I attended your class in San Antonio for Beyond Concealed Carry (3-16-13) and had a great time. I came away with so much new and useful information. It was great being exposed to new skills and practicing things we can't practice at a typical gun range. Shooting while moving, reloading while moving, and the ever so important drawing from concealment. The class was well worth the money and then some. I really appreciate you both being patient, humble, and down to earth. I highly recommend this class to anyone who's looking for more than just standing in front of a non-moving target. It really is the next step after CHL. Keep up the good work.  

Cam R
Cam R

I will echo Mark's sentiments on the 3/2/13 class in Argyle.  I really enjoyed the class and was able to train on things I'm not able to work on with live fire on a standard range.  I've got several people interested in the next class if it happens in June, and I may do it again but bring my father as a 70th birthday present!


Bob and Ben, you guys put on a stellar class out at Quail Creek on 3/2.  I hope you come back.  I'd go through your course AGAIN because not many places allow the practice of critical skills like holster draw from concealment, shooting while moving, and use of cover and concealment.  You guys make safety paramount and having good safety practices makes everything else more enjoyable.   I've got a number of people interested in coming through your class the next time you're at Quail Creek.


I want to echo what Brett posted about the Beyond Concealed Carry" class we had in Argyle last weekend.  Bob and Ben do a fantastic job of bringing everyone along in the training progression; moving in the beginning from establishing strict safety practices, covering the basics, and then moving into the skills needed by the concealed carry citizen like double taps, hammer pairs, the Mozambique, moving laterally, and shooting from behind cover.  Bob and Ben compliment each others styles and bring good instructional techniques and personal backgrounds that enable everyone from the novice to the experienced shooter learn needed skills from the class.  They also make the class a lot of fun.  I couldn't have asked for a better pair of instructors and training and it would have been worth it at twice the price.  I can't wait to take another class with them.  Thanks again guys for the great time we had and the skills I learned (and the ones I found out that I need to seriously improve on!).


Hey Bob and Ben, I just wanted to say “thank you” to both of you for teaching an excellent “beyond concealed carry” class, this past weekend in the DFW area.  You guys did a great job giving me a realistic look at what my true level of defensive pistol skills are.  Most of us are used to shooting at  the bulls-eye at the square range, but it’s things like moving and shooting, drawing from concealment, clearing weapon malfunctions, tactical reloads-while on the move and shooting from behind cover that most of us never get to practice, that made this class so valuable.  The biggest take away for me was the realization of just how much these skills need to be practiced and perfected (not possible in a 6 hour class) by those of us who choose to conceal carry every day.  You can read or watch videos about different techniques and even do dry fire practice, but until you’re under the pressure of live fire exercises, you don’t really know how you will perform (like hitting the magazine release button!!!) or the limitations of your equipment (like how quickly you can run through 6+1 rounds of ammo while trying to hit a target while on the move).

I highly recommend this class to anybody who has received, or are even thinking about getting their concealed handgun license. The knowledge and skills gained are a great start to being prepared both mentally and physically for an armed encounter.

Training, training, training…

Thanks again,….

Brett, Forney Texas


Beyond Concealed Carry is just that... You just don't learn the things that Bob and Ben teach in this course in your basic CHL course. From shooting on the move (busting off the X) to tactical reloads to hand position, drawing your weapon, close range shooting, target acquisition, shooting at a distance, hostage targets (aiming for the head), and many other "real world" situational training points. The skill set that Bob and Ben bring to the class and offer the students makes the time and money well spent. I left home the day after the class was over with more insight and skills than I possessed when I walked in. I shoot IDPA and one of the things you never do is keep your weapon loaded after you have completed a stage. At this course you have your weapon "HOT" and in your holster all day. It's a different feeling, if your not used to it but a very important mind set to have when your talking about carrying a weapon which is why you take a CHL course to begin with, but again to go back to my initial statement.. You just don't get this kind of training anywhere else. If you carry a gun or thinking about carrying a gun, you need to take this course at some point. Thank you Bob and Ben for your insight, your professionalism, and your hard work.


I just posted my full review of this course on the GRRN forum:  http://gunrightsradio.com/forums2/index.php/topic,8525.0.html

(OK, mine wasn't a technical review, but others already covered that pretty well.  I covered different aspects.)


I thought I would recommend 2 things here:  1.  Take this course!  2.  Read what folks have said about this course here and on the GRRN forums.  Everyone that I saw at the course, and have read afterward really enjoyed the course and learned a great deal!




Bob & Ben,


I want to take a couple of minutes to thank you both for holding the class this weekend. It is amazing how much you can learn when you get out of the normal range and into an environment where you can learn and practice potentially real-world skills. I thought your course was well organized & your scenarios were practical skills anyone making the choice to carry a weapon to protect themselves should both possess and practice.


For you women out there - I'm a woman and I found the class especially good since few women are raised to protect themselves. It was great to work on aspects of self defense in an open and supportive environment. No egos to be found, just folks there to become better prepared.


Bob and Ben possess great mentoring/teaching skills: Keep it interesting and fun. Support and increase student's self-confidence. Leave 'em wanting to learn more!


Thanks again guys.



Bob and Ben,


I want to say Tanks for hosting the most excellent training "Beyond Concealed Carry" class yesterday.   I am glad I was there.   There was a mixture of sound safety and defensive procedures, self defense discussions  and excellent safe live fire drills.


 What impacted me the most was the level of speed I was able to attend.  My shooting till now had been limited to no drawing, non rapid fire range work.   I pushed my speed far past what I thought I could do.  The amazing thing was my hits never suffered and actually improved.   The site picture almost became automatic.   Also my precision shooting shooting was improved as I hit that little steel pig from cover and 42 yards 3 out of 5.   


I would recommend the class to anyone.  


Mike I 


Yes you can train with us. Just a $10 background check and get your gun handling basic training. If you don't feel you have your gun handling basics taken care of, see if you can take a private lesson, or meet with me at a range when you're in the area before the class.


Let me check on that and get back to you.


I would love to be there for this course! I'll be in the area, and am eager to get some good training. However, I still have not completed my CCW. Am I allowed to train beyond concealed carry?


It's a shame that I don't own a gun yet (no plans to buy one before the course either) and the range doesn't seem to rent guns otherwise I'd consider it despite the distance (at least 4 hours by plane). I heard the interview with Ben on the podcast and it really looks like a great course.


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