Why do I carry a gun? Because I can't carry a cop!



Here’s what I use and CARRY ON A DAILY BASIS.  If you like these items and wish to purchase them, please use the links on this website. I will earn a small fee that will help support my podcast. CLICK THE PICTURE or link inside the picture to enter my Amazon Store.

Laserlyte Training Cartridge 9mm

My everyday carry flashlight

A smaller version of the same flashlight:

My tactical pen, I carry it every day.

The best way to carry a spare magazine!

Ameriglo Idot Pro night sights. I use the orange front sight version on my Glock 26, and on my M&P Shield 9mm

Seatbelt cutting tool and all around all purpose tool. I carry it in my car:

My every day carry knife! One of the best! I simply won’t leave home without it.

One of the best sling mounts for your AR-15. I have one on mine.

A very cost effective red dot for your AK or AR-15. I have on on my AK on an Ultimak Rail

I use this flip up rear sight on my AR-15

This is what I use as an optic on my AR-15. Very good for the price.

I think this is one of the best pocket holsters you can buy. I use one with my P380 or Bodyguard .380 as a back up in my pocket!


Glock Pearce Grip Extensions.  I use these on my G26.

Trijicon HD Night Sights and Tactical Sights (I think they are just as good as Speed Sights.)



To Purchase the CCW Comfort Sling, click here, use coupon code “handgunworld” (all lower case) to get FREE shipping and handling.


I just ordered two books and went to Amazon through your EDC portal.  I hope you get commissions/credit for my purchase.


I just ordered a CCW Comfort Sling through your website link, Bob.  Thanks for the free shipping discount!