Why do I carry a gun? Because I can't carry a cop!


Episode 88 – Shooter Attitude

Shooter attitude is from Brian Enos’ book “Practical Shooting, Beyond Fundamentals.” In this show I interview Steve Zopfi again. He’s a master class USPSA shooter. We discuss chapter one of this book on awareness, focus, shooting tense, dry fire practice and seeing things with your subconscious mind. We also tie this into self defense techniques. This is the 2nd podcast this week. Normally I post one a week, but I had a lot to say this week so this is a bonus show. We also discussed some shooting practice techniques you can do at home and on the range. Even though this is primarily geared towards competition shooting I’m convinced you’ll find some ideas on how you can become better at self defense with a handgun. Please join me at the Gun Rights Radio Network Forum for more discussion if you wish.

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Episode 87 – Revolvers

Revolvers are a good choice for a self defense handgun. They are not my first choice, but at the request of a listener, I did this show on my experience shooting 2 particular revolvers. James Kimmerle and I went to a range, rented 2 .357 magnum revolvers and we give you our straight talk review on them.


  • Simplicity of the revolver, good or bad?
  • Firing a revolver from a pocket.
  • Capacity of a self defense revolver.
  • Reliability pros and cons.
  • Revolver myth busting.
  • Is 5-6 round capacity enough?
  • Every time you pull the trigger?
  • Cost vs. features.

Remember to join me at the Gun Rights Radio Network Forum if you haven’t already and check out my YouTube channel. Please contribute to the show if you can to help keep it running. Thanks for downloading. I should post another show on Wednesday.

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Episode 86 – AR 15 Discussion

AR-15′s are everywhere aren’t they? A listener, Steve from Alabama is now a civilian but has an excellent military background and we discuss the AR-15/M-4 Carbine. I know there are thousands of choices, but I do ask the question “what do you recommend?” You may be surprised by his answer. We also discuss training with your AR/M-4, good information resources at M-4Carbine.net and what to look for in the black rifle. Also, I made both donations to the Second Amendment Foundation and Gun Rights Radio Network this week. Thanks to all who supported the Freedom Raffle. Please remember to join the Gun Rights Radio Network Forum.

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Episode 85 – Carry that big gun.

Can you carry a big gun? Why not? If so, why do you carry a large gun? Questions often asked, so I give you my answers. First I start with a review of the .357SIG, after I went to the range and shot a Glock 33. The Pro Arms Podcast recent review of the .357SIG got me interested in what all the fuss was about. I must say, I was quite impressed. Then I talk about an IDPA experience and a little bit of news and listener feedback. The main topic is carrying a big gun and why you should do it.


  • .357SIG Glock 33 review.
  • Using caliber conversion barrels in .40 cal and .357sig guns.
  • Using the wrong recoil spring in Glock 19.
  • What happens when you clean 2 guns at the same time.
  • IDPA match recap.
  • Big Slims Firearms store controversy.
  • How the right belt and holster help you comfortably carry a big gun.
  • Compromises in concealed carry and why I think you shouldn’t make too many of them.
  • The case for carrying a high capacity weapon.

Please join me at the Gun Rights Radio Network Forum, my YouTube channel and Facebook page. (facebook link on the right side of this page.)

Thanks for listening!

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Freedom Raffle Winners Announced

Published on September 18, 2010 by in Blog

Freedom Raffle Winners Announced. Many thanks to all of you who supported this show, the GRRN and the SAF. Rest assured your support will go to very good causes as we fight our way for better gun rights. I sold 91 tickets, just slightly short of my goal of 100, but I’m happy with the way it turned out. This is not a real episode, just an announcement. But please remember to interact with me at the Gun Rights Radio Network Forum. I’ve also make a video of the drawing if you would like to watch it.

Congratulations to the winners. If you won, please email me ASAP.

Ruger LCP:                                     David  K.             Ticket # 489682
Comp Tac Holster $100        Herbert M.       Ticket # 489794
Comp Tac Holster $100        Nicholas R.      Ticket # 489717
KnivesAndGear.com $100  James K.           Ticket # 489960

Tune in again next Wednesday for another podcast. Thanks for your support everyone!

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