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Episode 79 – Practical Shooting Inteview with Steve Zopfi USPSA Master class shooter.

Analyzing practical shooting down to every detail is what Steven Zopfi and I attempt to do here. He’s been a longtime shooter (18 years) and is an IPSC Master Class shooter. He also has listened to this show for quite some time and has some real good insights on how to shoot effectively. You will really enjoy this interview and especially if you are involved in the shooting sports like IDPA, USPSA.


  • Seeing what you need to see.
  • Shooting with both eyes open?
  • The one year Glock 19 experiment.
  • Transitioning from Glocks to 1911′s and back and forth.
  • Trigger control
  • Transitioning.
  • Brian Enos’ Forum.
  • A story about when Steve shot against Rob Leatham.
  • Tangfolio’s new production division pistol.
  • Trigger jobs.
  • The subconscious level of practical shooting.
  • How competition shooting applies to self defense.
  • Dry fire practicing.
  • Working a flashlight while shooting.
  • Syringe method.

Tune in again later this week, I will recap my experience at Suarez International’s Close Range Gunfighing Class. Remember the Freedom Raffle, time is running out! Join the Gun Rights Radio Forum and check out my newest YouTube Video.

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Episode 78 – Low Light IDPA Match

Shot a Low Light IDPA match last Thursday. James and I talk about it and hope to encourage you to train in low light. Get a good flashlight and learn how to use it or a rail mounted light on your gun! A skill you definitely need to practice.


  • What we learned and observed at the match.
  • Why I need a better flashlight!
  • Techniques used by good shooters with flashlights.
  • Are night sights effective for low light situations?
  • Get a rail mounted light for your home defense gun.
  • Lots of good listener feedback.
  • More on why guns jam.

Thanks for listening, don’t forget the Freedom Raffle, Join the Gun Rights Radio Network forum and interact with me and other podcasters and listeners and check out my YouTube Channel. I just posted a new video up there.

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Episode 77 – Sights are like training wheels…become a more complete shooter.

Randy Harris, a.k.a. Cruel Hand Luke, is an instructor at Suarez International. In my opinion they are one of the best firearms training schools you can attend. I will take their Close Range Gunfighting Class this month. This show is based on an excellent article Randy wrote for Warrior Talk News (Gabe Suarez). I put my own flavor on it and relate some personal experience as I take you through the combination of point shooting and sighted shooting of a defensive handgun.


  • Point Shooting vs. Sighted Shooting.
  • Distance determines your sight use.
  • What if the target picture is bigger than your gun?
  • Imprinting your drawstroke into your muscle memory.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and run the gun in your peripheral vision.
  • Freedom Raffle update.
  • I carry a gun because…

Remember to join me at the Gun Rights Radio Network forum and listen to the other podcasts too. Also check out my Facebook page and YouTube Channel.

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Episode 76 – IDPA Back Up Gun Match, Gun Show Goodies, Real Gunfight Story

Interview after a recent IDPA Back Up Gun Match, with my shooting buddy James K, it was the first time I have every shot a BUG match. Lots of fun, in segment one we talk about it. Then went to a Gun Show in Friso on Saturday and saw some interesting pistols. Also, ever heard of Lance Thomas? Watch the video and tune into the podcast for more on his self defense with a gun.


  • Kahr P380, Sig P238 at Back up gun match.
  • Crappy reliability of Sig P238.
  • Shooting Pit Bulls.
  • James’ favorite stage.
  • Frisco (Fort Worth) Gun Show.
  • Marlin 336.
  • Freedom Raffle.
  • Listener questions.
  • Carrying a gun into a restroom.
  • How often should you change magazine springs?
  • SAF Challenges CCW Permit Review Board in Maryland.
  • Accidental Discharge at IDPA match.

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Episode 75- Finnish Mosin Nagants, Glock 34 Review, Court of Public Opinion

More military surplus rifle info and a review of my Glock 34. In segment one, a listener from Finland weighs in via email with more information about Finnish Mosin Nagants. In addition to that, I review my Glock 34 9mm. Then in segments 2 and 3 I’ll talk about the court of public opinion and why we have a lot of work to do to win over some people in the general public who are simply ignorant about gun owners.


  • Finnish Mosin Nagant history and technical details.
  • Swedish Mausers.
  • Ammo quality and it’s effect on accuracy.
  • Once gun friendly Finland, now turned anti-gun.
  • Glock 34 review, IDPA related and self defense related.
  • Why I’ve retired my Glock 34 for a few months.
  • Smith and Wesson M&P Pro Series Pistol.
  • Performance Center Trigger Jobs.

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