Why do I carry a gun? Because I can't carry a cop!


Episode 95 – Yogurt vs. Handgun

Who would have thought that Yogurt and Handguns would exist in the same news story? Well, they did, I’ll cover that in the show. I also discuss the possibility of concealed carry in Wisconsin and how the opposition to CCW in that state is putting out false and inaccurate information. It’s the same bogus argument most anti gun people use. I also do an assessment of the mid term election results and what they mean for our gun rights. You’ll also hear about some criticism of my show and my answer to it. This is a shorter show than usual and I normally don’t put these out on weekends, but I wanted to get this one out there as soon as possible.

Resources and Links:

Yogurt vs. Handgun

No Lawyers – Only Guns and Money

Wisconsin Anti Violence Effort

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Episode 94 – Listener feedback and Tools of Shooting Part 2

Good feedback and comments sent to me lately, so I start with some of my own comments and thank you’s. For the main segment, part 2 of my interview with Steve Zopfi. Some of this is a repeat of Episode 93 but not all of it, I left some of it out of the last show, now it’s included in this show. Steve and I do our best not to make this just a competitive shooting episode. We tie it into self defense techniques also.


  • Review of grip and natural point of aim
  • Alignment
  • Performing reloads
  • Posture
  • Grip pressure
  • Shooter’s elbow
  • The importance of training (excellent video sent by a listener)
  • Situational awareness

Check out this video sent to me by a listener, it’s excellent. Also remember to join me at the GRRN forum.

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Episode 93 – The Tools of Shooting

Interview with Steve Zopfi again, he’s a USPSA Master Class shooter and shares some more ideas on effective shooting techniques for competition and self defense. We discuss Brian Enos’ book, Practical Shooting Beyond Fundamentals. We discuss grip, alignment, stance, natural point of aim, posture, recoil control, hand positions, riding the thumb safety on a 1911 and a whole lot more!

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Episode 92 – Indoor IDPA

Indoor IDPA is a different experience than outdoor matches. This episode is a recap of a match I shot last Thursday. I also answer a couple of listener questions about Mili-Tec lubricant and slide play on a Glock. Then I will give you a before and after summary of some stages. I made some mistakes, also achieved some victories. I shot left handed and discussed lots of well designed stages for an indoor match. Shooting on the move, weak hand only shooting, interchanged ammo and shooting a modified Glock 19 in ESP category are subjects I discussed in the “before” segment. Segment 2 is about the results and what happened. I got some malfunction clearance practice and I even shot a magazine of carry ammo on one stage! I’ll tell you all about it. You’ll also hear a preview of next week’s episode with Steve Zopfi again as we discuss Brian Enos’ book Practical Shooting Beyond Fundamentals.

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Episode 91 – Anatomy of Ending a Fight

Anatomy of Ending a Fight is important to know in case of the unfortunate event that occurs when you have to use your handgun. Please keep in mind, I do not in any way advocate killing or using lethal force unless it’s absolutely necessary. Please educate yourself on when to use deadly force. Courses by Massad Ayoob and Tom Givens are excellent resources on this topic. But if you do have to use your gun I hope you find some good basics as to how you can more likely stop your attackers. I’ll discuss things like CNS hits, RS hits, CS hits and effective stopping power techniques. Please read an excellent post on this too sent to me by a listener. Good stuff complete with a video! You’ll also hear why I really don’t think caliber is a big deal. Big and slow vs. small and fast, it really doesn’t matter, in my opinion. What matters more is how effectively you can react and place your shots and where you place them.


News from Second Amendment Foundation

P.S. I usually don’t put out 2 shows in one week, but since Eric’s interview was a pleasant surprise and up and ready to go I wanted to get it out there. This episode was to be the regularly scheduled episode.

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