Why do I carry a gun? Because I can't carry a cop!

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Show your support for The HandgunWorld Podcast and Modern Self Protection by becoming a Shooters Club Member.  Ben Branam and Bob Mayne have produced a series of audios and videos for supporting members.  Members will enjoy listening and watching exclusive content not available to general listeners. Topics include training videos, audio interviews and special discounts on products offered by the HandgunWorld Podcast and Modern Self Protection.

For only $75 per year (or $8 per month) you can enjoy the training content on our members only website www.shootersclubmembers.com

After the first year, you can renew at only $50 per year!

You can hear a preview of the podcasts at www.shootersclubmembers.com


1. Interviews with Massad Ayoob, Glen Tate and Jon Hodoway on subjects such as open carry, constitutional carry, handgun responsibility, team training and more.

2. Roger Phillips, Suarez International Instructor on Point Shooting.

3. Bob and Ben on Home Security

4. Glen Tate (author of “299 Days”) on Building a Prepper Team part 2.

5. John Neuser on Self Defense Training Techniques

6. Bob Mayne on Modern Survival Guns

7. Mexican Joe interviews Ghost on “Who Is The Militia?”


1. Ben Branam on Fast and Accurate Rifle Shooting

2. Ben Branam and Bob Mayne on moving and shooting. Lateral and forward and backward movement and getting hits on target!

3. Ben Branam on using a shot timer for practice.

4. Ben Branam on ready positions.

5. Bob Mayne on appendix carry

6. Bob and Ben, video “The Art of Making Hits.”

7. Bob and Ben, “One Handed Gun Manipulations”

8. How to Hold a Pistol While Moving and Shooting.

9. Multiple Bad Guys

10. Entering a Room

11. Ready Positions

12. Shooting on the Move

13. Appendix Carry, Safe and Effective

14. Using a Shot Timer

15. Bore sighting an AR-15 rifle

16. After Action Assessments

17. Moving together and fighting as a team

18. Range Safety

19. Reloading Pistols and Handguns

…and more coming soon!

Membership is only $75 per year or $8 per month.

To sign up for your membership, click the Subscribe button at the bottom of this page. You will be emailed the download links to the audio and video shows as soon as they are available.

Thanks for your support!

Bob Mayne and Ben Branam

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Hey Bob and Ben,

After months of procrastination I finally bought my Shooters Club membership and the only thing I can say is "why did i wait so long?"  Awesome content and great audio/video feeds that give me new perspectives on several topics. Your audio podcasts and Shooters Club content give me a great excuse to listen while at my regular day job, and I'm definitely going to be incorporating some of the info in my shooting classes @LevelSights so keep up the great work. You've got me hooked and looking forward to each and every new show.


Hello  Just joined. trying this out.   Enjoy your work.   Your passion shows in your words.   thanks Bob and Ben


When is your next ladies only beginner's class?


I recently discovered your podcasts (having acquired a new smart phone) and I must say that I wish I'd found your site earlier!  I enjoyed listening to Jon Hadoway and Ben Branam.  Your podcasts are brilliant, enlightening, humorous and valueably educational!  Thank you for what you do!


got the email.  now I wonder if you can help. Trying to get the pod cast of videos on our phone. 


Just joined.  Waiting to get the links to start viewing.


Just joined and I'm looking forward to receiving the links to the audio and video podcasts from Bob & Ben.


Bonus MP3 was great, I will be listening to it multiple times. Thank you Bob.