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Episode 94 – Listener feedback and Tools of Shooting Part 2

Good feedback and comments sent to me lately, so I start with some of my own comments and thank you’s. For the main segment, part 2 of my interview with Steve Zopfi. Some of this is a repeat of Episode 93 but not all of it, I left some of it out of the last show, now it’s included in this show. Steve and I do our best not to make this just a competitive shooting episode. We tie it into self defense techniques also.


  • Review of grip and natural point of aim
  • Alignment
  • Performing reloads
  • Posture
  • Grip pressure
  • Shooter’s elbow
  • The importance of training (excellent video sent by a listener)
  • Situational awareness

Check out this video sent to me by a listener, it’s excellent. Also remember to join me at the GRRN forum.

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Mike, it doesn't take much of a bend. Push your arms out all the way and lock them...now pull the gun back about 1/2" (just enough to unlock your arms). You should feel all of the tension in the joints of your elbows, wrists and shoulders go away as soon as you do this. It doesn't take much of a "bend" to eliminate the tension. Shooters Elbow is a painful effect of locking out....and for me took months of rehab until it went way. Those funky arm bands that they suggest you wear didn't do anything for me.


Great show. I too have suffered "shooter's elbow"(tennis elbow) from shooting isosceles over the years with locked elbows. I think I will try slightly bending my elbows now, like Steve suggested. I hope it helps. I don't recall if you said you had the same thing happen to you Bob. Sounds like it might be pretty common with handgun shooters that shoot a lot. Thanks.


Thanks Mike, it hasn't happened to me yet. I started shooting with slightly bent elbows because it's more comforable. Perhaps I'll avoid shooters elbow?